You can take on line and real lesson

I named my site<Tokyo Japanese School>—but there is only one teacher in this school—Sachiko—it’s me.



shiku onegai shimasu.よろしくおねがいします。

1)You can take lesson with very cheep fee.

Not only cheep but also there are many devices in this site.

2)You can learn very speedy because this site is full of pictures and utilizing loan words and linear rhyming and syllable repetition.

3)At least effort, the best result with fun.

4)You can take lesson with on line and real at your place.
And you can come to my school–it takes only 8 minutes from Shinagawa Konan exit and the floor is 27th.

5)There are many courses–
1 day sightseeing survival course(+30 minutes free lesson)
1 week basic Japanese course(+50 minutes free lesson)
1 month course(+50 minutes free lesson)
1 time/week, 2 times/week, 3 times/week, 5 times/week

※I will give my lesson basically with Japanese but I use English partly where we can’t express in Japanese  and I can speak Shanghainese  dialect partly,it helpful for teaching language.



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