Our concept

Many Japanese textbook start noun phrase and number and verb’s masu form and exist sentence and Adj sentences.

It takes 2 months to learn adjective and foreigner know <nai> means negative at the moment for the first time.

I believe that student should learn adjective from lesson1 or 2 because to express emotion is really important and to express one’s feeling is fun and joy.

Moreover Japanese <suki=to like/love> sounds just like <ski>and <kawaii> is world wide boom.
Japanese teacher should utilize these words for Japanese teaching.

Japanese grammar has 2 type of negative forms–<masen>–ja ari-masen,ku-ari-masen–type and <nai>type–ja-nai, ku-nai, a-nai, i-nai, e-nai, shi-nai.

We Japanese speaks ,nai type VERY often but present Japanese textbook don’t teach <nai>first.
It appears 2 months later.

If the foreigner is talked in Japanese by Japanese,they can learn Japanese<nai>means negative but if they have no chance to be talken,they never understand negative.

I believe that all students should listen negative form.
If not,they can not understand what Japanese say.

Listening makes speaking.

When I lived Shianghai,China, I could not listen their speaking.
At that time I felt very bad and I started to feel that I hate Shanghai,China.

But I changed my mind.
I started to learn Shanghainese dialect,I could listen! and and it changed all my situation!

I love Shanghai,China.

I believe all student should be able to listen their language that they learn now.

Textbook   should help the real situation because student want to listen.

Of course they want to speak but at the same time they want listen!
It’s a presure to learn.

In my lesson I offer many helpful picture to remember.
You can remember easier.

There are 30,000 loan wards from English in Japanese language.
Our lesson utilize these loan word that you don’t have to remember.

And we have many sylable repetition–like peLAPELA.
Such phrases help you to remeber and to express.

I hope you can learn easier,faster with fun!!