DOomo aRIgatoo=3+5=8 beat

3   +   5   =   8 beat.

DOomo is used everywhere.
DOomo means thanks,hi,,sometimes even sorry.

Japanese speaking level divides 3 stages.

1st class: Most polite level=Alligator of long tail

2nd class: Polite level=Alligator of short tail

3rd class: Casual level=Alligator of no tail

DOomo aRIgatoo is (3) stage so we can never say “DOomo aRIgatoo”to our boss or our customors but”DOomo”

“DOomo” is (2)stage.Alligator with short tail

COUTION:DOomo aRigatoo is longer and DOomo is shorter but DOomo sounds less casual※ and “DOomo aRigatoo”sounds more casual.

But “DOomo aRIgatoo”sounds very nice so every one like the phrase  very much and”DOomo” sounds little bit like apologizing and courtesy.

If you are treated ramen or something good by Japanese,please say
“DOomo arigatoo-gozaimasu”

And the last scean you say good bye to Japanese,say
“DOomo arigatoo gozaimashita”

In those case,”Doomo”means “very much”and”Arigatoo gozaimashita”is very famillia because you can not spend only one day without”Arigatoo gozaimashita”in Japan.

Yes,you are said every clark when you leave the shop this phrase
“aRIgatoo gozaimashita”.

It means thank you and good bye.

Please use this phrase and add DOomo at the top of the phrase,
“DOomo arigatoo-gozaimashita”means thank you very much and good bye!

It sounds perfect!

※Bellow case,it sounds perfect.First class Japanese!

A:DOozo=Please/After you/Follow me/Here you are/Would you like ~


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